Backlinks is the most important part in your search engine optimization strategy. It is vital to get this bit right.

ManySEO specialists there are saying that backlinks are not as important as they used to be. The problem is that they just think so, because their backlinks do not work for them.

It is true that low quality backlinks do not work as they used to. They still work, but their value is hundred times less than before.

So, you main effors should be focused on getting good quality backlinks instead of getting tons of profile and wiki backlinks.

This process is not that easy.

I decided to list some types of backlinks, which still work.

I will start with the most popular and well known types:

  1. Blog commenting. This still works, but it is harder and harder to find quality blogs, which allow links in their comments at all and if they do, they usually place nofollow links there, so there is no link juice at all.
  2. Second type of backlinks is WEB 2.0. It is worth spending some time on creating related WEP 2.0 properties and placing you links on them. They do not have as much value as before, but they still bring enough and worth spending time on them.
  3. Article marketing. Still works and still worth doing it. Just make sure that you do not spam your article to hundreds of article directories. Just submit them into several good ones.
  4. Guest posting. This is one of the best ways for building links, but it is VERY time consuming and VERY difficult to get quality sites to post your content on them.
  5. Last one, which I consider one of the best methods is to use paid backlinks. This method allows you to buy quality high PR backlinks to your website, which makes your life much easier. A word of caution here is that you should use different types of backlinks in your strategy.

Links you should avoid:

  1. Bulk blog commenting or spaming blogs with your low quality comments.
  2. Forum profiles – do not spend your time on it. They do not work and it is the quickest way to get your site banned,
  3. Web 2.0 profiles. Do not use Web 2.0 only for profile creation. Add some content there to see good results.

I hope you liked this post and see you at the next one. Here you can read more about basic SEO techniques, if you want to really master this area.